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What sorts of interests and abilities should a computer programmer have?

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Computer programmers create, modify and test the forms, scripts and code that tell computers what to do. They are often:

  • Innovative - interested in analyzing information to assist in the development of logical and physical specifications and to research and evaluate a variety of software products
  • Methodical - interested in precision working to test, correct and refine software applications, to ensure systems meet original specifications, and to maintain existing computer programs by making modifications as required; and in planning and scheduling work within set targets
  • Directive - interested in speaking to collect user requirements and to identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions.

Programmers need the ability to:

  • think logically and analyze complex problems
  • concentrate for long periods of time   
  • remain patient and persistent when debugging programs 
  • pay attention to details to avoid time-consuming and costly errors 
  • communicate ideas clearly 
  • get along well with clients and other team members.

They should enjoy learning new computer languages and programming styles, and developing innovative solutions to problems.

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