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I went overseas to study. How do I get my education recognized now that I'm back in Alberta?

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Studying abroad is a great experience. You get to know another culture and maybe learn a new language. You’d never trade it, but you may need to find out how it impacts your career now that you’re home.

Assess Your International Education

Getting your overseas education assessed can help employers understand how it compares with standards in Alberta and across Canada.

This is most important when you want to work in a job where you need certification or registration. These are called regulated occupations. Engineering and medicine are examples. Often, these occupations have regulatory bodies. You may need to submit documents to them to have your credentials assessed.

Even if your job isn’t regulated in Canada, you may still need an assessment to show an employer you have the skills they need.

There are too many different countries, programs and possibilities to cover all of them, but you can explore these links to see how your education stacks up.

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