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I enjoy helping those with disabilities. What sort of work will give me that opportunity?

High school student Explore Careers

Community disability services practitioners help people who have disabilities fulfill their goals as participating members of the community. Working as part of a team, community disability services practitioners implement plans that are designed to assist adults, youth and children develop their abilities and expand their opportunities.

They have the opportunity to work with people who have developmental, emotional or physical disabilities. They may specialize in working with people in a particular age group or with people who have a specific type of disability. Duties therefore vary but, in general, community disability services practitioners:

  • assess individuals' abilities and needs
  • assist people with exploring lifestyle, education and career options
  • educate and support individuals to make use of community services related to their recreational, medical, learning, vocational and leisure needs
  • identify programs and employers that provide relevant services and help people access those services
  • assist people in the development and maintenance of support networks
  • facilitate active community living
  • assist with personal care needs
  • provide support, training and guidance to individuals and their families
  • create and maintain records
  • review evidence-based research to inform professional practices.

Community disability services practitioners may work as part of a team of professionals (including doctors, psychologists, teachers and therapists) and family members to develop and implement plans that include behavioural, residential, social or employment goals.